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Who we are

Who we are

Networth Consult Co. Ltd, founded in 2007 has its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. Networth was founded by practitioners of vast knowledge and expertise in the fields where it has specialized. We are Marketing, Business and training consultancy firm that provides capacity in the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Community-Based Organizations, Private Sector, Individuals, Financial institutions including Banks, Credit institutions, MDIs, Microfinance institutions, SACCOS, NGOs, Local and Central government.

We are confident that our services and solutions are indispensable to these types of businesses, given the current global business dynamics coupled with stiff competition. Networth Consult has a wide range of technical and experienced Consultants in the areas of Training, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Customer Care Management, Customer Relationship Marketing and Consultancy in various disciplines including Human Resource Management.

Our Vision

"To ensure consistent growth and profitability including competitive uniqueness with our various partners"

Our Mission

"To provide a professional service to our clients and business partners that will empower them to make informed decisions"

Our Values

On these we do not compromise

  • To ensure consistency and as part of our strategic plan to maintain our competitive edge, Networth ascribes to the following values:
  • To deliver quality that is simply the best.
  • To conduct ourselves in a manner that ensures that our commitment, honesty and integrity is to shine through.
  • To make doing business with us an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • To provide professional advice to our clients for their mutual benefit.
  • To promote excellence and integrity across our business.


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Plot 99, Ntinda Road, Kampala, Uganda


Mobile Number

+256 752 720283